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Wedding in Church

It was small chapel wedding and I was starting my Prelude, guests came for ceremony and soon old small church was full of people. Groom and Best Man were waiting for Bride coming with excitement and my songs created atmosphere of something important happening.

Music by the Sea

It was rainy day and I hoping for the clear evening. Magically sky cleared up and wind calmed down.
Wonderful set up on Ladysmith Marina public dock gave me inspiration and I started playing Offenbach Barcarolle
imaging that water fairy and light bugs are out and splashing of waves and lights mirroring with sounds of that piece,
inviting my guests for a ride in gondola.
I took my audience for a trip to Italy, playing Italian songs and To Spain with Spanish songs.
We returned to Canada with My Way and My Hart Will Go On.
It was memorable evening for my guests and I hope to be back next Summer

Concert By Sea

Walking on Ladysmith Marina I got inspiration to arrange small open air concert La Mer (By Sea).
This idea came from working on French song of 60 x La Mer. In the same theme came idea to record CD with Music by the Sea.
Looking forward to play my favourite songs on August 11 at 7 pm on Community Dock Ladysmith Marina.
it will be by donation event. Please make your calendar, dear friends and fans! CD will be available at the concert.

Local beach

We are lucky to be so close to ocean. In some days so nice to walk or suntan or just to play songs for video taping.
New Summer program is in Sea theme, wonderful French song La Mer inspired me to create this set of songs.
My YouTube channel is
It will appear soon!

Beach wedding special music in Parksville

Playing in open air is most tricky for musician..
Sun and wind or even rain may occur even in end of June Summer weather. I am playing my white violin for such occasions with amplifier for stronger coverage .
We were blessed that day when after rainy morning clouds were cleared up and sun came out at time of ceremony.
Bridal processional was song by Ed Sheeran Perfect in orchestral version. Ceremony was in beautiful settings of coming tide and neutral colours of water and sky. I had a great feeling of creating special music atmosphere for such a beautiful event.

June is for Weddings!

Every wedding is unique..
It was natural settings in Parksville on sand by ocean.
Music choice include Beauty and Beast, Prayer and My Hart will Go On.
Dramatic and Romantic in one. Blue and Green colour of Water works along with a music, represented Ocean theme of this wedding.
It was came later from bride Kristan:
Elena Ilina,
You played so beautifully. It was amazing. Everyone loved it.


To work in entertainment, I put my attention on representation of music character. The Whole picture should speak to listener.
Usually I try to dress up in style of music. As I am playing a lot of Retro 20s-60s songs, I dress myself in this fashion.
For weddings, I try to dress up in colour of particular wedding and in style of songs that I am playing

Playing outside

Playing in outdoor events may be tricky as weather with some rain, sun and wind could affect all performance.
For outdoor weddings in June I will use my electric instrument with bright sound and volume switch.
For sure it will be unique events!

Summer is here

After busy and hot May full of events and performances, June feels cooler and calmer. Ready to play in outdoor weddings, I am step outside of my house with my violin. Playing in open air is different and tricky, even small winds can take sound away.
I like gardening and this season is the best!

WAM Festival

It was fun and pleasure to take a part in Wine, Art and Music Festival in Cowichan wineries.
I was playing in Blue Grouse, Rocky Creek, Cherry Point and Enrico vineyards on May long weekend.
Meeting artists and watching colourful pictures, lovely atmosphere of vineyards, makes my violin sound flying in air and filling up valleys of rising grape vines with Sounds of Music.

Mother day tea

It was great high tea in lovely Larosa Gardens. My music choices works well and atmosphere were created. Residents listened and faces fills of memories and good moments of their life. I had small table with roses and small cup of British bone china with rose. Scone and tea were great too!

Wedding entrance music

For many years Canon in D was favourite music for the wedding entrance. It is still suits many occasions but recent requests of other preferences appears too. Songs like Over The Rainbow or Thousand Years is another chose for the modern weddings that occurs in Natural environment like shore of ocean or even green park. Nature is absolutely wonderful setting for that event requires different and less formal ceremony music.
For the wedding in Parksville beach we would choose Thousand Years as an entrance song, it will perfectly matches with waves and wind of ocean shore as a natural sounds and accompaniment.

May performances

I excited to perform in two new senior houses in May and returning to La Rosa Gardens for Mother Day recital.
Another great event is Wine, Art and Music Festival that occur in Cowichan Wineries in May long weekend.
I am ready to perform with four different music sets.

Music is great therapy

As a music therapist I am working with seniors, and it is the valuable time for me too. Each session has theme and special repertoire. Sound has direct way to people hart and works as stress relieve. During the program there are time for meditation, music of nature, which connected human being with seasonal changes. From calm music that I choose in beginning, slowly emotions increase and proceeded to favourite by elder people retro songs. They imagine themselves young and healthy and memory goes into back time bringing new energy and refreshing emotions.
I am happy with my work, as an musician and a music educator.

Waiting for spring

It is only January but I am already have schedule for weddings in Summer!
With classic music for ceremony, learning few old and new favourite songs like Begin the Beguine and Thousand Years.
Beauty and Beast is song one Mother of Bride likes and of course I will add it for my repertoire too, usually I learn new songs for request of my clients.