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Fall for trips

It was family trip to Victoria one of the best hotels with mineral pool with ocean view.
I enjoyed interior and design in style of 50th. We took some of the video that I can use for my songs.

Wedding by ocean

It was great day for ceremony in Tign na Mara resort. Lavender ascents made fresh tone to the scene. I started my playing from Ave Maria by Schubert and follow with Wonderful World for family and La Vie en Rose for bride.

Neck Point wedding

It was such a great day for this ocean front ceremony in Nanaimo. Scenery and panoramic view of ocean and mountains made it special. Over the Rainbow dance complicate this beautiful wedding and made me feel happy and part of it.

July for weddings

It was beautiful ceremony in Parksville BC as we have nice weather on the Island this July.
Settings of this ceremony were by gazebo in Thigh Na Mara resort.
Other great location for ceremonies is Bayside oceanfront resort

Wedding on a beach

It was a beautiful sunny day I played in wedding ceremony on gorgeous beach.

Spring time

During this time I keep my public performances as an entertainer in local senior house.

Spring and Hope

With hope and love I am sending this song for couples who planning their Wedding for this Summer.
We believe that everything what you planned will come true
Wedding entrance song

Magic Time

It is special time walking in Butchard Gardens 12 Days of Christmas show. Holiday spirit in Victoria is everywhere and it is great place for Christmas break.

Music for Holidays

December is always busy with music events. It was two hour of Christmas music party, I performed Victorian chorals and retro movie songs for my lovely residents if Dovehill house. Very special for me was playing favorite music on Christmas Day and waltzes on New Year Day!

Meanwhile in Australia is Spring Time!

Getting into Spring in Perth Australia with abundance of flowering bush and flowers.
Amazing unique nature has not repeated anywhere in the World. Here is Spring in November, birds busy with nests and parrots are noisy and colourful flying everywhere. Indian Ocean turquoise blue and sand beaches endless and white.

Looking into 2020

We are booking now for weddings in 2020!
Some dates has already booked. Looking forward to it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Beautiful Autumn of West Coast is here and we celebrating season with splash of colors. Vancouver Island is reach by its Nature
and giving us enjoyment for all seasons! Happy Fall!
Fall in Butchard Gardens

Under Paris sky

Getting into Fall but Paris surprised us hot weather.
It was pleasant memorable trip we took as usual many photos and videos.
One of them Opera House, inside and out unbelievable. Here is my playing of Phantom of the Opera:
Phantome of the Opera