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Looking into 2020

We are booking now for weddings in 2020!
Some dates already booked. Exciting!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Beautiful Autumn of West Coast is here and we celebrating season with splash of colors. Vancouver Island is reach by its Nature
and giving us enjoyment for all seasons! Happy Fall!
Fall in Butchard Gardens

Under Paris sky

Getting into Fall but Paris surprised us hot weather.
It was pleasant memorable trip we took as usual many photos and videos.
One of them Opera House, inside and out unbelievable. Here is my playing of Phantom of the Opera:
Phantome of the Opera

Wedding in Fall by waterfall

It was magic evening in forest park by waterfall. Calm sunny weather cooperated with ceremony by the nature. Green and blue colors stood great against white. Procession started by Thousandth Years song and bride walked on Yellow Coldplay orchestra version which sounded magic in woods.

Summer for weddings

Beautiful Summer weather of West Coast getting along with most wedding plans. Playing outdoors is enjoyably when temperature is not too hot and rainy. Wonderful natural settings of Vancouver Island is giving pleasure spots for outdoor ceremonies in farms, in the forest by waterfall and by ocean.

School year ends

I was busy in Silver strings studio with my students, as June is school year ends. We prepare duos and solos for performing in groups. Some of the students showed good progress and practiced with interest to the instrument. We performed for parents and seniors.Duos with Martin

Spring is here

We are so lucky to be surrounded by nature and living in Sub Mediterranean climate. Spring 2019 is surprised by warm beginning.
Sunday in Butchard Garden is perfect way to celebrate spring with parade of flowers.

Folklore music

Every time when I in Mexico, I am happy to hear local Mexican musicians when I can.
Mexican and Spanish songs are melodious and unforgettable.
Special show for me was Mariachi band, those musicians are professionally trained in special Mariachi school.
Listening of them is very special.

Romantic Valentine Day

This year Valentine Day is very white and snowy at Vancouver Island. We had few heavy snow days at the point when Spring seems to be nearby.
This days are good for practice beautiful romantic songs. We with Reflection studio recorded Music of the Nights, Can you feel the love tonight and Beauty and the Beast. All that songs are in I Violin Studio channel Romantic Violin
Yours, with Love!

Spring Prelude

Highlight of January is visiting flower show Spring Prelude in Butchart Gardens. In the middle of Winter it is magic and wanted!
We with Reflection Studio recorded video with exhibition of Spring Prelude photos. It is Romantic Violin - set of popular classic pieces with coming Valentines Day in mind.
Please visit my You Tube channel for listening Romantic Violin

Winter is Joy!

Busy December was full of music events and Christmas preparations and trips as well.
With my students we played at Dovehill senior house and it is memorable for all of us.
Christmas carols, holiday music is special and uplifting.
I enjoyed lights of Victoria and Butchard Gardens. In trip to Mexico listening of Mariachi band was highlight.
I an enjoying folk music and when I can. Listening Mexican songs and dances is spectacular!